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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to define sustainable mobility?

I I - Sustainable Mobility - Peter Nijkamp, Erik Verhoef, Barry the beginning of this review that these c oncepts are quite ambiguous. There is no such whether such a definition is possible. It therefore seems appropriate to spend a few explicit the interpretation used in th is article. needs.”

What is NREL's sustainable mobility initiative?

NREL's Sustainable Mobility Initiative approaches sustainable transportation as a network of travelers, services, and environments—rather than just vehicles and roads—using connectivity and automation to optimize mobility and increase energy efficiency.

Can rural areas promote sustainable modes of Transportation?

In industrialized countries, mobility represents one of the most important sources of emissions. Most research on promoting sustainable, climate-friendly modes of transportation has focused on urban areas. Rural areas—although characterized by high dependency on individual car ownership and usage—have received less attention.

How can we improve transport sustainability?

Tec hnological development is often seen as one of the ways to increase susta inability of transport. Despite potential, there are some barriers to technological im plementation that hinder short-term viability. Policy intervention can also steer transpo rt developm ent toward sustainability. A wide range of

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