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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TU Berlin's Sustainable Mobility Management MBA program?

TU Berlin’s MBA program in “ Sustainable Mobility Management ” closes the educational gap in this field and prepares students for leadership positions by training people who can deliver cutting-edge and sustainable mobility solutions.

What is a sustainable mobility management course?

The course targets transport engineers, transport and mobility experts, planners, architects, and sustainability project managers who want to gain in-depth, special knowledge in the field of sustainable mobility management. Excursions and company visits are part of the courses, and are adapted if necessary to an online format.

What are the quality assurance procedures at TU Berlin?

The TU Berlin has designed its quality assurance procedures in such a way that the participating actors can develop themselves in a responsible manner and in dialogue with each other. System accreditation leads to the accreditation of all study programs offered by a university.

Does Technische Universität Berlin provide student accommodation?

Although Technische Universität Berlin does not itself provide student accommodation, the "Studentenwerk Berlin" (a local non-profit agency for students affairs) offers a number of accommodation options for students enrolled at educational institutions in Berlin.

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