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Frequently Asked Questions

What is McKinsey's future of sustainable mobility?

The World Economic Forum – McKinsey knowledge collaboration on the future of sustainable mobility looks to bridge the public trust gap and accelerate the transition to cleaner, safer, more inclusive mobility systems.

What is the global mobility Executive Forum?

Held in cities around the world, the Global Mobility Executive Forum is a series of events designed to convene leaders from businesses, start-ups, academia, as well as financial, public, and social institutions worldwide to prepare for the complex challenges posed by the revolution sweeping global mobility. Please check back for more details.

What is the future of mobility?

It offers a more ecological form of mobility that is safer from virus infections and has an expected compound annual growth rate ( CAGR) of 25.1% by 2025. This video cannot be played because of a technical error.

What is the global new mobility coalition?

The Global New Mobility Coalition (GNMC), curated by the World Economic Forum, is an active and diverse community of over 200 globally renowned experts, NGOs and companies. McKinsey provides knowledge and analytical support to the coalition.

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