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Frequently Asked Questions

How many episodes of the suspect are there?

The Suspect is a British police procedural television series in five episodes based on Michael Robotham 's 2004 novel The Suspect. Screenwritten by Peter Berry and produced by Natasha Romaniuk, the first episode aired on ITV on Monday 29 August 2022. [2]

Who is the creator of the TV show suspect?

Adapted by Matt Baker, it is based on the Danish series Face to Face ( Danish: Forhøret ), which was created by Christoffer Boe. Suspect premiered on 19 June 2022 on Channel 4 . A detective retraces the final days of his murdered daughter to discover what happened.

What is suspects on ITV about?

Suspects is set in a London police station. DS Jack Weston, DC Charlie Steele and DI Martha Bellamy investigate murder cases, missing person's reports, drug overdoses etc. Within every episode a crime is solved in a documentary style.

Where is suspects filmed and set?

The actors have a detailed story document and perform from there. The show is filmed within the former London Electricity Building on Cambridge Heath Road, London. The building doubles as Brownall House which features in ITV's comedy series The Job Lot . Suspects is set in a London police station.

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