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Frequently Asked Questions

What is suspects Mystery Mansion?

Suspects: Mystery Mansion is a social deduction game that features native voice chat, tons of unique game modes and regular fresh content — all within a stylized world of unique characters! Talk to other players with no third-party software required! Found a clue you wish to discuss in a meeting with your fellow guests?

What's new in suspects?

A new update is here, Suspects! We have a new game mode, account recovery feature, new role, and much more! Come and see what's new in the mansion! We’ve just released version 0.9.0 and we have another new game mode called Vigilantes!

What does it mean to be a suspects partner?

By being a partner you'll get early access to new content and insight into the development process. If eligible, you'll also be invited to playtest our development builds before anyone else and even record exclusive content. Patch 1.16 is here! Read all about our new content for Suspects: Mystery Mansion. Patch 1.14.0 is here!

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