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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to blossom sushi?

To blossom means to grow or to develop. Every spring new buds become beautiful blossoms. This serves as a reminder for us to continually innovate and develop new ways to serve our sushi for an exciting experience each and every time. Here at Sushi Blossoms, we aim to provide an intimate dining experience to all who come through our doors.

Is New York's best sushi expensive?

But here’s the saving grace: While New York’s best sushi will always trend in an expensive direction, you don’t have to spend an iPad’s worth of funds on an omakase date to have an incredible meal.

What is the best bigeye sushi in New York?

Chef Sungchul Shim (Kochi) only serves more sustainable bigeye, and often offers just a single piece — as part of spicy tuna roll topped with crispy potato crisps. There’s surely not a single other New York omakase spot tearing up the traditional sushi envelope like Mari, which finds its niche with a cross between Japanese temaki and Korean kimbap.

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