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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new name of SurveyMonkey?

On June 9th, 2021 our company name SurveyMonkey (SVMK Inc.) changed to Momentive, and we introduced a brand-new corporate site at! Momentive is a leader in agile experience management, delivering powerful, purpose-built solutions that bring together the best parts of humanity and technology to redefine AI.

How do I access the SurveyMonkey product?

To access our SurveyMonkey product, you’ll still log into Momentive products will continue to use their product-specific names— SurveyMonkey for our surveys product, and GetFeedback for our CX solutions. Other product names include SurveyMonkey Audience, Wufoo, Apply, and TechValidate.

What happened to sursurveymonkey?

SurveyMonkey (SVMK Inc.) is now Momentive—bringing the best of humanity and technology together to shape what's next. See our brand-new corporate site at TIP! The SurveyMonkey product and site is not changing—and your login and account details are not changing.

Are there any changes to my existing contract with SurveyMonkey?

No, there are no immediate changes or required updates to your existing contract with SurveyMonkey. If you’re an Enterprise customer, over the coming weeks, the Customer Success team will communicate any changes to our corporate entity name, vendor forms, and other relevant billing adjustments. How do I get a new vendor form or W9?

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