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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the list of survey sites legit?

The list of survey sites is legitimate. The problem is that scam survey companies will prey on that trickle of money and suggest that they can send you a flood. They can't. They make those promises so you'll sign up. Then what happens?

What are the pros and cons of taking surveys?

It's unpredictable for the survey taker (you) because companies won't always want your opinion. The result is that you get surveys irregularly but you earn a little cash along the way. You won't feed your family with surveys but it can earn you a little extra to help pay bills and get further ahead financially.

Do you pay to get surveys?

Sites that make you pay to get surveys. They lure you in with the promise of untold riches through market research but bait and switch it on you. In the first case, they make money off you when you sign up for other products or serices. In the second case, they get you to pay them.

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