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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does surveygizmo get its data from?

Data are extracted from SurveyGizmo servers by the Publications Office. Processing of this data is internal, done by officials of the Publications Office or the EU service requesting the survey, on a secure server.

Is surveygizmo legal in the United States?

The survey tool SurveyGizmo is provided and managed by an external company called WIDGIX, a U.S. company bound by U.S. laws. Thus, your personal data can be disclosed to U.S. authorities when required by law, for example in relation to national security considerations.

Why choose our survey software?

Since 2006, we’ve delivered the most flexible survey software platform on the market. This enables our customers to build, run, analyze, and report on surveys that have the best data for the job. Today, more than 15,000 customers trust us to drive the insights they need to make informed decisions.

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