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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Surah Al mursalat?

Surah Al Mursalat ( سورة المرسلات ) - Translation of Quran in English by English Transliteration ( Transliteration) The translation of the Qurʻan into modern languages has always been a difficult issue in Islamic theology.

Should the Qur'an be isolated from the Arabic text?

Because Muslims revere the Qurʻan as miraculous and inimitable (iʻjaz al-Qurʻan), they argue that the Qurʻanic text should not be isolated from its true form to another language or written form, at least not without keeping the Arabic text with it.

Where does the chapter Al-mursalat come from?

The chapter takes its name from the word Al-Mursalat in the first verse. The subject is seen to provide evidence that it was revealed in the earliest period at Makkah. 1. Wal mursalaati’urfaa 2. Fal’aasifaati ‘asfaa

What is the meaning of “scatter” in Islam?

The word translated as (scatter) may also mean revive, in which case it may refer to the clouds by means of which Allah revives the earth and brings it back to life after its death.

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