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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Goku the strongest Saiyan?

There were many opportunities throughout Dragon Ball Super for Vegeta to shine as the true hero. Perhaps he will finally get his shot in the next manga arc. Despite being the outright star of the show, Goku is not the strongest Saiyan out there, there are even a few other mortals that are more powerful than he is.

Was Kid Buu stronger than ssj3 Goku?

So if that is to be believed, Bills is definitely stronger than Buu. SSG Goku was stronger than SSJ3 Goku, who was about equal, if not slightly weaker than Kid Buu. They probably have about equal raw power, maybe giving a slight edge to Goku, but Buu is made out of magic.

Is Goku and Son Goku the same person?

There is no difference. Son Goku is just Goku’s full name. Son is a family name, which he inherited from his adoptive Grandfather, Son Gohan. The full name is mostly used in the manga both Japanese and English, and in the Japanese version of the anime.

Can Gohan still surpass Goku?

So of course we knew that Goku was to get a new transformation, thats a given, but Gohan literally fought once before and almost got killed in the midst, but Gohan showed new colors while in my opinion, he has once surpassed Goku (during the Cell Saga) and I believe that Gohan can still powerful enough..

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