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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Goku become Super Saiyan God?

First seen during the animated film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, which was then adapted for television as the first story arc in Super, Goku gained the ability to transform to gain significant new levels of power and abilities by becoming the crimson-haired Super Saiyan God.

Is Super Saiyan God in Dragon Ball FighterZ?

Although not fully featured in Dragon Ball FighterZ, the Super Saiyan God form briefly appears in the Dramatic Finish between Goku and Beerus. Goku briefly regains the form and dispels Beerus' Sphere of Destruction before it can hit the Earth. "Super Saiyan God" is also an obtainable rank title for online players.

What is Super Saiyan?

Super Saiyan - In the movie and anime, Goku displays the ability to utilize the Super Saiyan God power in his Super Saiyan form following his battle with Beerus. God-like Saiyan - The result of a Saiyan becoming able to use the raw might of Super Saiyan God without having to transform into the form itself.

Is Giblet a Super Saiyan God?

Giblet as a Super Saiyan God. In Dragon Ball Legends, the Ancient Saiyan Shallot can acquire his Super Saiyan God form after being sent by Whis in a quest to train his normal form and collect five pure-hearted and righteous Saiyans which resulted in Shallot achieving the Super Saiyan God form.

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