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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get a pizza deal during the Super Bowl?

To make sure you're focused on the game--or whatever is most important to you, whether it's commercials, the Puppy Bowl, or just the food on the table--we've pulled together all the best pizza deals that might be of use to you on Super Bowl Sunday. Here are the best pizza deals available during the Super Bowl.

What is the Super Bowl Pizza deal at sprouts?

The deal: The Football Deal will get you an 18-inch one-topping pizza, an Italian Salad, and six jumbo wings for $29.99. The deal: Take advantage of a buy-one-get-one-free deal at every Sprouts location. That deal will land you pizza dough for the Super Bowl and for National Pizza Day.

Will DiGiorno's Super Bowl deal give away free pizza?

You're bound to get a kick out of DiGiorno's Super Bowl deal this year: If the score at any point of the game was 3-14 (or 14-3), aka "Pi," the chain has vowed to give away free pizza. Beginning on February 6, fans can enter online for a chance to win. Why stop at just one food deal when you can have several?

What is the quintessential Super Bowl Food?

Hot dogs, homemade chicken wings, and some kick-ass chili verde — they’re all essential for a good Super Bowl spread. But if we had to pick a quintessential Super Bowl food, we’re going with pizza. Preferably, a lot of pizza!

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