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Frequently Asked Questions

Is log10 equal to ln?

The value of log 10 can be represented either with base 10 or with base e. The value of log1010 is equal to 1. The value of loge10 which can also be written as ln (10) is 2.302585. Note: The common log function is mostly used.

What is the meaning of LN in mathematics?

A logarithm (LN) is a concept in mathematics that denotes the number of times a number has to be multiplied by itself in order to arrive at a specified value. In mathematical terms, a logarithm of a number is the exponent that is used to raise another number, the base, in order to arrive at that number.

What is the difference between LN and log?

On a calculator, ln refers to the natural logarithm which is the logarithm to base e while log refers to the logarithm to base 10. Elsewhere, it is actually fairly rare to see the natural logarithm referred to as ln. Log can take on other meanings as well depending on the context.

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