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Frequently Asked Questions

How does studybay work?

Studybay is one of the many academic writing services that function on a bidding basis. In our opinion, the bidding system is by far the most inconvenient method of ordering papers. Even though it may seem like you have more control over the person doing your order, in reality, there is no way of knowing whether you have hired a good writer.

Who is studystudybay?

Studybay was found in 2011 as a part of StudyWorld Media holding, which is an international company group focused on providing education services and developing innovative decisions for education worldwide.

What are studybay’s guarantees?

Studybay offers a number of guarantees to their customers, but we found two of them to be especially interesting. The first one is the originality guarantee, which promises that your text by a Studybay tutor will be 100% original and free of plagiarism. The second guarantee is the quality assurance promise.

How do students find writers on studybay?

Student put in a request, put it up for "sell off," get offers, and afterward select a writer. There is a framework set up for students to banter with StudyBay writers amid the procedure.

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