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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of a strike?

Strike is defined as to hit, attack, crash into or pierce the skin of someone or something. An example of strike is one person punching another. An example of strike is the military of one country bombing another.

What is strike from the record?

To strike from the record is for a judge to forbid a decision maker (such as a juror) to consider a particular piece of testimony or other evidence when deciding the case even though he or she has already learned what that evidence or testimony concerned.

What is meaning of strike?

The definition of a strike is the conviction of an unlawful act or when all the pins are knocked down with a bowling ball. An example of strike is being caught, charged and convicted of armed robbery.

How does a strike happen?

At its most basic level, a strike occurs when all the workers in the union stop coming to work. With no workers, the business shuts down. The employer stops making money, though it is still spending money on taxes, rent, electricity and maintenance. The longer the strike lasts, the more money the employer loses.

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