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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the binoculars on the Bruges map?

The binocular icon that you see in the Bruges map are the various attractions and must-visit places to visit Bruges. You can click on the icon to obtain a detailed address of the tourist attraction you want to visit.

Is Bruges a good place to visit?

It was a port city and an mercantile district at the time. Today, the entire historic city center of Bruges is considered a UNESCO World Heritage site. Many people visit Bruges because it is so easy to get to! I know I did. It’s a quick hour train ride from Brussels, 2 hours from Rotterdam and 3 hours from London (by high speed train).

What is Brugge known for?

The northern city (pronounced “brooj,” and also spelled Brugge in Flemish) is one of Belgium’s most famous tourist destinations, known for amazing waffles and French fries, as well as museums and castles on every corner.

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