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Frequently Asked Questions

What fuel does a camping stove use?

The four mainstream types of fuel for camp stoves are propane or isobutane canisters, white gas or liquid fuel, kerosene, and unleaded gasoline. Propane and white gas are the most widely used but each of these four fuels has its upside and downside. Which fuel sources do camp stoves use? How long do camp stoves last? More articles you will love.

How much backpacking stove fuel should I carry?

Rouached For a weekend solo backpacking trip, a 100g canister of fuel will be enough to heat water and cook meals -- you’ll get around 10 boils x 500ml. The general guide is to bring enough fuel to boil one liter of water per person per cooked meal.

What is stove fuel?

What Is a Fuel Stove? Since the 19th century, multi-fuel stoves have been a hugely popular means of heating houses and also cooking. They are referred to as “ multi-fuel” due to their versatile capacity to burn wood, wood pellets, peat and of course coal. Generally, multi-fuel stoves will have a grate for the fire to burn on and a removable ash pan.

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