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Frequently Asked Questions

How to stop bees from swarming?

In this article, we look at the practice of splitting a hive to prevent swarming. We often are confounded by working out how to stop bees from swarming. A simple swarm control split can stop the loss of swarms. It is also important to know when it is too early or too late to split a hive. Why Do Bees Swarm? How To Stop Bees From Swarming?

Do Honeybees swarm from the hive?

Although honeybees can swarm from the hive at anytime, they tend to swarm most during spring. Sometimes honeybees swarm when they believe they have outgrown their hive. However, other times there is nothing that you can do to prevent swarming from happening. The bees simply have an instinctual desire to create another colony.

How do you keep bees comfortable in hot weather?

Make the bees comfortable in hot weather by doing the following: Supply a nearby water source. The bees will use this water to regulate the hive’s temperature. Shield the hive from a full day of blazing sun. Remove all queen swarm cells.

How do you keep bees out of your hive?

When the colonies come through winter strong, plan on making early splits. This not only creates another hive but also helps to decrease the bee population temporarily and provide more room in the hive. Reverse the deeps.

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