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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes stone kitchen products so special?

Products are produced on site, hand made in small batches, adding no preservatives and using whole fruit (locally purchased when available, i.e. blackberries, rhubarb, crab apples etc.) all of this making the Stone Kitchen products as homemade as you can get. We were in Bancroft in the fall and you taught us what good jams are.

Where is the stone kitchen located?

The Stone Kitchen is a quaint Jam and Gift Shop at 33 Sherbourne Street North in Bancroft, Ontario (Mineral Capital of Canada).

What do you serve at Stonemill?

Serve with chips, crackers, or veggies, and share with your favorite people for any occasion. Find Stonemill Kitchens in your area! Loading...

Why choose Stonemill kitchens?

Stonemill Kitchens is the place for people who enjoy preparing and sharing great food. Our passion for food inspires us to create premium dips that you can serve right out of the package or as an ingredient in a variety of delicious dishes.

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