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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Blackstone Law?

At Blackstone Law, our goal is to change your impression of the legal process by delivering aggressive representation as well as exceptional service with compassion. We work on a contingency basis for employment and personal injury cases because we know that passionate advocacy should be available to everyone, regardless of your financial standing.

Does stone&Sallus handle Hoa cases in Los Angeles?

Stone & Sallus attorneys have helped both Los Angeles residents and HOAs with related disputes. We handle HOA cases in Los Angeles and throughout California. If you are a Homeowners Association or you have a problem with a Homeowner’s Association and need help to resolve it, call the HOA attorneys at Stone & Sallus.

Why choose stonestone&Sallus?

Stone & Sallus represent both developers, homeowners, and board members of the associations who dispute construction defects, enforcements, compliance issues, common areas, annual reporting, and disclosures. If you are thinking of purchasing in a development with an HOA or need clarification about an HOA issue, please call us before you purchase.

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