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Frequently Asked Questions

What is steeplechase in track and field?

Steeplechase Basics The steeplechase is a unique event in Track and Field in that it combines endurance, speed, and agility into one frenzied, athletic competition. Steeplechasers must be tough mentally and physically, finding the strength and determination to race over the hurdles despite intense fatigue.

What are the obstacles in a steeplechase race?

In this race the water jump obstacles are not within the steeplechase track course but at the outside or inside of the turn to lengthen or shorten the run. In steeplechase races, athletes must not run in a specific lane as with other track and field races. Although both men and women run these races, the hurdles tend to be slightly higher ...

When was the first steeplechase race?

It was first run as an Olympics track race involving male athletes only in 1900. In 1902, it was standardised to 3000 meters or 7.5 laps on a 400 meter steeplechase track. Since then, steeplechase races have been a part of modern athletic Olympics though run under varying lengths.

How many hurdles are in steeplechase?

In seven and a half laps, the runners are expected to dodge multiple hurdles, one of which is situated over a pit of water. You heard me, steeplechase is a "3,000-meter obstacle race with four barriers, or hurdles, and a water pit ," according to Wired.

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