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Frequently Asked Questions

What is horse racing steeplechase?

Horse Racing Steeplechase is a free horse game that can be played online at Horse Racing Steeplechase Flash Horse Game. Become the ultimate, the mighty and the best champion steeplechaser in the world! Play Horse Racing Steeplechase awesome game and see can you beat your 5 opponents over 9 fences and complete all levels.

What is the most famous steeplechase race?

The most famous steeplechase race is the Grand National held annually at Aintree, near Liverpool, Eng., over a distance of 4 miles 855 yards (7,180 m.) with 30 or so fences.

What age is a steeplechaser good for?

Because of the stamina that is required, mature horses are preferred, and racing through age 10 and beyond is not uncommon. Many steeplechasers are “half-bred,” the term applied to any horse that is not a pure Thoroughbred.

When are steeplechase races held in Australia?

From Easter to May the major distance races occur: The Great Eastern Steeplechase is held on Easter Monday at Oakbank, South Australia drawing crowds of over 100,000, and the Grand Annual, which has the most fences of any steeplechase in the world, is held in May at Warrnambool, Victoria

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