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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a cap plate on a beam?

Additionally, if the web of the beam is parallel to the web of the column then you need the cap plate to give the stiffeners something to bear against as they work to prevent rotation of the section (assuming you center the stiffeners over the column). Again, thanks for the response, but maybe I'm just not being clear enough.

Do I need an actual cap plate?

The use of an actual cap plate is more of a ease of constructability concern. I think you may be wondering about bending in the cap plate. Since you have provided stiffeners above the flanges, there will none. If you had not done this, the load from the beam web would have caused bending in the cap plate.

What is plate metal thickness?

Plate metal thickness includes steel sheet metal that is 5mm or thicker. Steel plate is often used for construction or structural purposes due to its low maintenance versatility. Strength-to-weight ratio

How does the thickness of a cap plate affect the column?

This width is directly dependent on the thickness of the transverse web or plate and the thickness of the cap plate. A very thick cap plate will distribute this concentrated load more uniformly and across a larger width, activating more of the walls of the HSS column than a very thin cap plate.

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