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Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs have the highest divorce rates?

The law enforcement positions with the highest divorce rate are, surprisingly, fish and game wardens. Other facts on divorce and occupation: Other occupations with high divorce rates include casino workers, telephone operators and nurses. Though it's not certain, it is thought that the stress of such jobs leads to a higher divorce rate.

How do you calculate divorce rate?

The military divorce rate is calculated by comparing the number of troops listed as married in the Pentagon's personnel system at the beginning of the fiscal year with the number who report divorces over the year. The information is managed and compiled by the Defense Manpower Data Center.

What country has the highest divorce rate?

Top 10 Countries with highest Divorce Rate in the World Belgium. With the highest divorce rate of 72%, Belgium has hit the number one spot. ... Portugal. At the number 2, we have Portugal with the highest divorce rate of 68% as of 2017. ... Hungary. With the divorce rate of 67%, Hungary has been in the third place since 2017. ... Czech. ... Spain. ... Luxembourg. ... Estonia. ... Cuba. ... France. ... The United States of America. ...

Is the 50% divorce rate statistic really accurate?

In reality, the 50% divorce rate was never the reality . This number is based on projections from the 1970s that it eventually would get that high. But it never did. It began in the Baby Boomer generation when people born in the post-World War II years began to marry and start families.

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