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Frequently Asked Questions

What group of carbohydrates does starch belong to?

Starch belongs to a group of chemical compounds called carbohydrates. They are called this because they contain only carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

Do typical dietary sources of carbohydrate include starch?

Grain products are the leading source of carbohydrates in the American diet. Grains naturally contain high concentrations of starch , which your gastrointestinal system breaks down into sugars. Common grains in the U.S. diet include wheat, oats, rice, barley and cornmeal.

Is starch and carbohydrate the same thing?

Often time’s starches and carbohydrates are considered the same, however there. is a distinct difference. A starch is a carbohydrate that has low or no water content; i.e. breads and potatoes. All starches are carbohydrates but not all carbohydrates are starches.

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