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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of stands in the awakening?

Complete Stands Awakening Tier List TIER STANDS B TIER Whitesnake: AU, Hallow’s World, Sans Cri ... C TIER Eva C-Moon, ULF, Ender Crimson: AU, Gold ... D TIER Herobrine, The World Greatest High, Neo ... E TIER Bootleg Pot Platinum, King Crimson, Soft ... 5 more rows ...

What is the most valuable stand in stands Awakening?

X Tier: Godly in rarity, making it the most valuable stand in Stands Awakening. It is basically the closest thing to an admin stand for non-admin players. SS Tier: Extremely valuable in rarity, one of the most valuable things in the game due to its extremely high demands. S Tier: Amazing rarity. Very very good. A Tier: Great in rarity.

What is the trading tier-list?

Trading Tier List [NOTE]: The trading tier-list serves as a base pillar for the trading market, and it should be acknowledged that the trading market may change or fluctuate at any given time. If a stand is in-front of another stand, it usually indicates that it has more demand or rarity compared to another stand.

What is an e tier stand?

Which means that basically any stand without moves or moves that offer no help in battle is E tier If you don’t see your stand here that’s because it doesn’t have a model yet Don't base off all of your beliefs on this tier list, skill varies from player to player.

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