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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get solar one more time in stands Awakening?

Solar One More Time is a spec that is still obtainable in Stands Awakening. However, this spec may have a chance of becoming unobtainable in the future. To get this spec, you will need to use Solar Diary on One More Time to get Solar One More Time This spec have the same appearance as One More Time, but it has multiple changes to it.

What are the best stands to use in stands Awakening?

Struggles against long range stands/specs, such as Ultimate Life Form and Dio's The World /Dio's The World (OVA). Solar One More Time is one of the stands / specs that has high durability in Stands Awakening. This is useful as you will not die easily from your opponents' incoming attacks.

What is the use of solar diary?

For Solar Diary, it has cyan designs which is the same as DIO's Diary but it does not have a text on it and the cover of this diary is black Uses. Solar Diary can be used to evolve One More Time ( OMT ) to Solar One More Time ( SOMT ) Spawnrate. Spawn every 25 minutes with a 1/4 chance. This item is suspect to be unobtainable in the next update.

Is the Solar One More Time Stand Still available?

This Stand may be going unobtainable, it is still obtainable for now. Solar One More Time is obtainable by using a Solar Diary on One More Time or by Trading. Similar to One More Time, but with a black suit with neon blue stripes.

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