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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hell Arrow?

It's a power-evolving item. It can be collected by picking it from the ground, where it currently spawns every 10 minutes (3X Event) with a 1/10 chance. Hell Arrow looks like normal Arrow, but it has a black shaft, red neon colored arrowhead and red neon fletching. The tip looks like it's partially made out of magma.

What is the a stand Arrow?

A Stand Arrow is an arrow that can awaken your Stand abilities when you are on Standless. This spawns every 1 minute and it will be guaranteed that this can spawn.

Where can I find Hell Arrow and shiny Arrow?

Hell Arrow can be found around the map unlike Shiny Arrow with a spawntime of 30 minutes with a 1/10 chance of obtaining this item. Hell Arrow appears to have the same designs as the normal Arrow, but it has...

How do you get Herobrine and Hell Arrow?

- To get this spec, use Hell Arrow on Sonic ( A Tier ) to get Sonic.exe ( A Tier ) --- ( Sonic + Hell Arrow = Sonic.exe ) - To get this stand, use Hell Arrow on Steve Platinum ( B Tier ) to get Herobrine ( B Tier ) -- ( Steve Platinum + Hell Arrow = Herobrine )

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