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Frequently Asked Questions

What is standoff 2?

Standoff 2 is a game which exemplifies the thought BlueStacks put into developing keyboard controls that feel intuitive and responsive. The default controls that BlueStacks ship with the game have been custom made by gamers like you after days of testing and optimization.

How to use DSOs™/DSO™ standoffs?

DSOS™/DSO™ STANDOFFS 1. Prepare properly sized mounting hole in sheet.Do not perform any secondary operations such as deburring. 2. Insert fastener through mounting hole (preferably the punch side) and into anvil as shown in drawing. 3.

Where is the standoff map in Black Ops 2?

Standoff is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Call of Duty Online. The map is based on a small border town between China and Kyrgyzstan. Its layout is similar to Dawnville.

How do I install standoff 2 on Android?

1 Install BlueStacks and run the installer. 2 Complete one-time setup. 3 Standoff 2 Go to the search bar at the top-right corner and search for Standoff 2. 4 Click the icon then click install on the Google Play screen.

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