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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of barrel does a STI staccato have?

The Staccato XL features a 5.4 inch bull barrel and is the longest barrel available in STI pistol line up, hence the name XL. STI International is constantly redesigning their 2011 Pistol platform, Keeping their 2011 Race Guns on the cutting edge of weapon development and in the hands of professional competition shooters world wide.

What is a staccato XL?

The Staccato XL has the weight, speed, and accuracy to turn heads. Extremely fun to shoot and target ready, this pistol has a light, fast-cycling slide and a long sight radius.

How many rounds does a staccato come in a box?

The Staccato XL flared magwell has been tastefully beveled to feed in your magazines without any stick or miss. The Staccato XL comes automatically with 2x 17-Round magazines, and 1x 20-Round magazine right in the box. The magwell is also equipped to fit a 26-Round magazine for shooters who desire extra capacity.

What kind of gun is the staccato XC?

Staccato 2011 has 2 flagship 2011 Race Guns For 2022, the first is the Staccato’s XC. The 2011 XC is the new and improved version of the STI’s original DVC P. Coming only in 9mm with a 5 inch Island compensated barrel and optics cut for your favorite optic.

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