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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does staccato P cost?

Search Staccato P $2,099.00 - $2,799.00 MSRP: Availability:Estimated 90-120 DaysNeed it faster? Add Staccato Fast Track Model Staccato P Staccato P Optic-Ready Frame Option Steel Aluminum Barrel Options Standard Stainless BarrelDLC (Diamond Like Carbon) BarrelStandard Stainless Threaded BarrelDLC (Diamond Like Carbon) Threaded Barrel Quantity:

What is the 2011® staccato C2?

Whether your 2011® is for duty, defense, competition, or carry – you’ll find your perfect match. With double the capacity of the Staccato C, the Staccato C2 is redefining what’s possible with a compact carry gun. Want a few extra yards of accuracy? How about hitting a 100 yard target? It’s been done with the C2. Push boundaries.

Do staccato guns vary in size and weight?

They might vary in size and weight, but they will never vary in integrity, accuracy or reliance. Every Staccato model is distilled to perfection following the core principals put in place by our expert gunsmiths, making each design a work of artistic vision.

What are the different types of staccato?

Staccato CSNEW Pure Staccato: shoot better wherever your path takes you. Staccato C2Personalization available Push accuracy: see what’s possible with a compact carry. Duty & Defense Staccato PPersonalization available Built for duty. Embraced by civilians. Approved by over 650 agencies. Competition Staccato XCPersonalization available

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