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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a staccato 2011 handgun?

Welcome to Staccato 2011 Handguns where we offer the best handguns at affordable prices. Because Staccato pistols are duty proven, reliable, durable, and easy to shoot well, they are a great choice for shooters of all skill levels.

What kind of gun is the staccato XC?

Staccato 2011 has 2 flagship 2011 Race Guns For 2022, the first is the Staccato’s XC. The 2011 XC is the new and improved version of the STI’s original DVC P. Coming only in 9mm with a 5 inch Island compensated barrel and optics cut for your favorite optic.

Who is staccato?

Twenty-five years ago, Staccato (formerly STI) revolutionized competition shooting by bringing the world a new gun platform, the 2011®. As they've grown, their leading innovation, relentless drive for excellence, and mission to build the World’s Best Shooting Handguns has led our evolution to become a new modern-day gun manufacturer

Is the staccato C2 the best compact carry gun?

You can push standards with the Staccato C2, the handgun that’s redefining what’s possible with a compact carry gun. No matter who you are, the Staccato XC gives you an unfair advantage.

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