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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the staccato C duo?

The Staccato C DUO was created to replace the STI DVC C DUO, at a price that will make you smile. This optics ready double stack STI 2011 pistol is a huge evolution over Browning’s classic 1911 pistol design.

How accurate is the staccato C2?

With double the capacity of the C, the Staccato C2 has quickly redefined what’s possible with a compact carry gun. From the retired special forces veteran shooting consistent 100-yard shots in sub 4 seconds to the everyday range shooter hitting 25-yard-targets with ease, the C2 provides accuracy never experienced in a compact carry gun.

What is the STI staccato C2 duo 9mm pistol?

The new STI Staccato C2 DUO 9mm pistol is designed for the everyday concealed carry, and with the DUO mount it allows the edition of your favorite optic. This gives you the ability to quickly acquire your target, when every second counts. STI’s new Staccato C DUO is packed with as many great features as possible in to a small package.

What are the staccato 2011 CS and C2 DPO optics ready carry pistols?

The Staccato 2011 CS and Staccato C2 DPO Optics Ready carry pistols are the two double stack 2011 carry pistols in Staccato’s 2023 Pistol line up. Both are designed light and compact for everyday carry, The Staccato CS features a smaller frame and grip module for shooters with smaller hands.

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