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Frequently Asked Questions

When do we get STAAR results?

STAAR results will be in soon. Parents and students should find out the results of recent STAAR tests in the next two weeks, in time to prepare to take them again May 14 and 15 if necessary. That's a lot faster than the last time, when they had to wait 10 months for results while passing standards were determined. Those standards have since been set for grades 3 through 8.

When is STAAR testing?

Grades 3-8 STAAR tests are given in the spring . End-of-course assessments (EOC) are given throughout the year. The number of tests your child takes each year will depend on what grade he or she is in.

When is the STAAR test?

Since there are many types of STAAR tests, exam dates vary depending on the grade and subject. For instance, most STAAR End-of-course tests take place in December and June while other tests take place between April and May . In grade 6, math and reading are tested while grade 7 students take reading, writing and math tests.

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