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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did St. Augustine become important to Florida?

The first reason causes the second reason for Saint Augustine to be important to Florida because it brings alot of tourism. Right now it is one of the most popular places for tourism as well and experiencing a huge growth spurt. Although job market does not match. This happens alot in Florida unless you are a waiter.

What is St Augustine FL known for?

St Augustine Is Best Known For. His best known works are the Confessions and the City of God. (clearly seen to be the 'best known' part of Florida to visit, young and old alike,) focus on St. Augustine as the most widely known site in the county.

What are fun things to do in Saint Augustine?

Fun things to do in St. Augustine include: St. Augustine Beach: 42 miles of sand and surf Old City: take an enjoyable walk around this quaint neighborhood World Golf Hall of Fame: the official site honoring golf’s most famous men and women Anastasia State Park: 1,600 acres of sand dunes, beach, and pristine shoreline

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