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What is the music video for 'plowed'?

The music video for "Plowed" was released in 1994 and was directed by Tony Kunewalder. It revolves around several people in their homes seemingly going about their daily lives while a large and ominous tornado is seen nearby, along with footage of the band performing.

What is the meaning of the song 'Molly'?

However, the lyrics were partly inspired by a story the band had heard about a girl who fell in love with one of her teachers shortly before her 16th birthday, who then attempted to commit suicide after he rejected her advances. "Molly" is also the name of the band's greatest hits album, which was released by Sony Music in 2000.

Is the song 'plowed' in Guitar Hero Warriors of rock?

A re-recorded version of "Plowed" is featured in the 2010 video game Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock as a downloadable song. The song is featured in the 2012 film Chasing Mavericks, and is also included on the film's soundtrack. The melodic hardcore / metalcore band Evergreen Terrace covered the song in 2004 for their album Writer's Block.

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