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Frequently Asked Questions

What is species counterpoint?

Species counterpoint is a type of so called strict counterpoint, developed as a pedagogical tool, in which a student progresses through several “species” of increasing complexity, always working a very plain given part in the cantus firmus (Latin for “fixed melody”).

How do you write a second species counterpoint in music?

Begin a second-species counterpoint below the cantus firmus with do. Unisons are permitted for the first and last dyads of the exercise. A second-species line can begin with two half notes in the first bar, or a half rest followed by a half note.

How many types of counterpoint are there?

In counterpoint, there are five species of counterpoint that you can learn which are: 1 First species 2 Second species 3 Third species 4 Fourth species 5 Fifth species More ...

What is the difference between cantus firmus and second species counterpoint?

The cantus firmus is the bottom line, and the counterpoint melody is on top. Second Species counterpoint is similar to first species, except that the counterpoint melody line has double the amount of notes. If the cantus firmus is notated with semibreves, then the counterpoint line is notated with minims (or half notes ).

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