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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Spécialités Ta?

Spécialités TA makes top quality chainrings for their own cranksets, as well as cranksets from other manufacturers, such as Shimano, Campagnolo, SRAM and others. We stock just about every chainring they make.

Why Trans Am specialties of Florida?

The obsession with the S/E TA is the primary reason that has made Trans Am Specialties possible. Personally after collecting Trans Ams for years the idea of restoring Trans Ams for other collectors was inevitable, hence Trans Am Specialties of Florida was created.

Where are Spécialités products made?

In January 2010, SPÉCIALITÉS-T.A. has transferred the whole activity 30 kilometres from there in Sissonne. SPÉCIALITÉS-T.A.’s manufacturing is specialized in development of high range bicycle chainrings for road, MTB, track….Others accessories are completing the chainrings’ offer: crank, bottom bracket, cassette, chainguard, bottles cage.

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