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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to specialty's cafe & bakery?

Those Specialty’s Cafe & Bakery sandwiches, salads, soups and cookies you loved so much? They’re back — along with fresh new spins on longtime favorites. Nine months after the Specialty’s Cafe & Bakery chain filed for bankruptcy, the brand has been resurrected.

What is special specialty's?

Specialty's was founded in the Bay Area in the 1980s and was headquartered in Pleasanton. Its homemade sandwiches and huge cookies were enjoyed by countless workers in catered lunches and in its locations in San Francisco's Financial District, downtown Oakland and beyond.

Who is special specialty's core customer?

Specialty’s core customer is the at-work (in-office) business professional — a fundamentally different customer than in any other dining segment. When COVID hit and shelter-in-place mandates took effect, this customer virtually vanished overnight.

Is specailties a good place to eat?

Open early, Coffee Shop with Very Nice Decoration Quantity of tables and sofas enough. Helpful? A great sandwich or salad, anytime! Specailties does great walk in food, as well as catering for sandwiches and salads. The menu is somewhat limited,and they run a little bit on the expensive side, but the quality is outstanding.

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