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Frequently Asked Questions

What are BDO workers?

BDO Workers are NPC characters you can hire that will help you progress in game. choose fast workers that require more feeding and maintainence, or less powerful, but more slow and easy Workers are a huge benefit to players because they are mostly a passive way to get materials and gear.

What is bdbdo node Empire strategy Black Desert?

BDO Node Empire Strategy (Black Desert Online) 1 Understanding BDO Nodes. Ready to start conquering lands and owning every BDO territory in sight? ... 2 Connecting Nodes for Trade Routes. When you connect one node that has a Trade Manager to another node that has a Trade Manager, you have created a trade route. 3 Excavation Node List & How-To. ...

What is the best worker grade in BDO?

Worker grades are shown by the color of their name. In BDO, the best worker grade of Artisan is colored orange… Artisan – the best worker tier and most difficult to obtain. Keep this fella if you get lucky on seeing one!

Is dulfy's BDO good?

Dulfy is making articles on BDO! So shiny. This tells me two very, very important things: 1) The game is good, because Dulfy is making guides on it. 2) I’m about to start understanding BDO. Looking forward to the upcoming series! Reply godsawsays: March 4, 2016 at 10:30 pm I love the node system. It is so fun to watch your workers work haha Reply

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