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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose accreditedspartanburg Community College associate degree nursing?

Spartanburg Community College Associate Degree Nursing program's mission is to prepare an accountable, competent, responsible and technologically prepared nurse, who will be able to provide quality nursing care in diversified healthcare settings, advance in the practice of nursing, and function as an integral member of the healthcare team.

What colleges in South Carolina offer ADN programs?

They are one of the largest ADN programs in South Carolina and have been in operation since 1971. Their program is an ADN program and they also have a BSN transfer option with USC Upstate. Spartanburg Community College is located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. They offer an ADN program.

Why choose an associate degree nursing program at SCC?

SCC Associate Degree Nursing Program's vision is to build a solid framework for the professional development of the nursing student by maintaining educational excellence and modeling high standards throughout the program. See the application process page for more information about this exciting program!

Why choose the ADN program?

The ADN program can help you become a member of the rapidly growing healthcare profession. The associate nursing program at Spartanburg Community College at the Giles Campus located in Spartanburg, SC is accredited by the:

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