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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spartan armor good?

Yes it is good quality armor. They sent it to me to evaluate and I think it's high quality. Go with level III+ . Here's my review

What is a Spartan armor?

Spartan Armor. Their shields consisted of wood and leather with the face completely covered in a thin sheet of stressed bronze ( 881004 ), which was enough to strengthen the shield, but did not add so much weight as to make it useless. Each shield was round and approx 36” - 38” according to some unearthed examples.

What was the Spartan armor?

Spartan warrior in battle dress with sword. ( storm / Adobe) Spartan Armor . The armor used by the Spartans was similar to that used by other Greek warriors. The Spartans wore a cuirass or breastplate to protect their torso. Initially, this was made of bronze and was a thick and heavy piece of equipment.

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