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Frequently Asked Questions

What are all the Spanish verbs?

vosotros, vosotras sois (“you [plural, informal] are”) él, ella, usted es (“he, she is” or “you [singular, formal] are”) ellos, ellas, ustedes son (“they are” or “you [plural, formal] are”) Example: Nosotras somos Carmen y Paula. ( We are Carmen and Paula.)

What does conjugate mean in Spanish?

What does it mean to conjugate a Spanish verb? According to the encarta, the verb "conjugate" means: to state the forms of a verb: A verb such as "to speak" ("to speak" is the infinitive form in English. The same form, the infinitive form, is "hablar" in Spanish) has forms that vary according to who is doing the speaking, for example, and when.

Why is the Spanish subjunctive so hard?

The subjunctive is hard fro two reasons. The first reason is because we are not used to using it or at least not used to paying attention to it in English. The second reason is because the teaching of Spanish has almost universally decided to teach it backwards.

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