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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Southern Jaguars tickets?

Buy Southern Jaguars tickets on SeatGeek for regular season, playoffs, parking, and College Football Bowl Games. Where does the Southern Jaguars team play? The Southern Jaguars team plays at Ace W Mumford Satdium in Baton Rouge, LA. Do you have to buy parking for Southern Jaguars games? Yes, SeatGeek has parking for the Southern Jaguars games here.

How much does it cost to attend all Jaguars home games?

For just $299, attend all the Jaguars home games and receive exciting benefits including playoff priority! Busy schedule? Grab a mini plan, and attend the games you want starting at $46/game. Hand pick your seats for 3+ games AND save money off single-game ticket prices.

What is the best football game between Southern University and Jackson State?

I had a blast at the Boombox Classic football game between Southern university and Jackson State University. It was filled to capacity and the crowd was amazing. This is always a sold out event and keeps the school spirit alive Excellent seats. The Southern University stadium doesn’t allow you to buy a seat and sit wherever.

How can I save money on Jaguars tickets?

Hand pick your seats for 3+ games AND save money off single-game ticket prices. Call your friends or get a group of coworkers together and spend your Sunday at TIAA Bank Field. The Jaguars are offering discounted tickets for groups of 10 or more, including Terrace and Spa Cabanas.

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