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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Billie Eilish do on 'Saturday Night Live'?

Saturday Night Live Host Billie Eilish changed the subject midway through the show with a dazzling rendition of the epic title track, “ Happier Than Ever .” The performance began with Eilish sitting backstage in a baggy black sweater and jeans, her nude claw-like nails wrapped around the microphone. Eilish sang quietly and alone.

Is 'SNL' worth watching?

This is good, I suggest watching it, folks-with the caveat that SNL continues to lean into easy product spoofs. But this works, given the nostalgia around the game, the overly grim tropes HBO taps for their shows… and the fact there's a ridiculous new Mario film coming soon starring Chris Pratt.

Who is Eilish on 'the Simpsons'?

As a host and performer on the show, Eilish proved she could stand up for herself alongside fellow cartoonists like Kate McKinnon, who played Eilish’s odd neighbor and a business spokesperson for Business Garden Suites. Eilish also played a bad girl Christmas card, a hip-hop nativity stage manager, and an unconscious nurse twerking on TikTok.

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