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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the applications stuck downloading in Software Center?

Your first task is to find out why are the applications stuck downloading in Software Center. Or rather understand the application model installations on clients. If the app downloads are not working on a single machine, you can assume that issue could be with that specific computer.

How to fix SCCM application download stuck at 0%?

SCCM Application Download Stuck at 0% in Software Center. Step 1 – Check the Boundaries. Step 2 – Check the Boundary Groups. Step 3 – Is the Application distributed to SCCM Distribution Point. Step 4 – Has the Content reached the Distribution Point. Use the Monitoring Workspace to find the content distribution status.

How to fix application stuck or stalls on installing or downloading?

SCCM – Application Stuck or Stalls on Installing or Downloading 1 2 – Remove Apps that are having issues using their ADV ID’s. 2 3 – Prevent it from happening again. 3 4 – Reinitialize Application Deployments using the Control Panel CM Action Item. I have found SCCM package content in... More ...

How to fix Microsoft stuck on installing Windows 10?

Open the Microsoft Software Center and find the ‘Stuck’ app. If it appears as still attempting to install click the ‘Cancel’ button. This time it should cancel after a minute or so. Once canceled wait a few seconds then try the install again. If this is a BITS issue the install should run correctly this time. Reply

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