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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you install software center?

Install an Application From Software Center's side navigation bar, click on Applications Click on the application you would like to install. For example, we selected Adobe AIR from the list. Click the Install button on the application's page, the installation status should display next to the cancel button.

How do I use software center?

How to use the Software Center (Windows) Launching Software Center. To find the Software Center, click the Start button on the bottom left corner and search Software Center. Installing a Single Application. Let's say you wanted to install an application called Cisco Jabber. ... Installing Multiple Applications. ... Uninstalling an Application. ... Upgrading Applications. ... Requesting Additional Software. ...

How do I install Microsoft Software Center?

In the Start menu, locate the Microsoft System Center folder. Click on the folder and select Software Center. Once the program launches, you will see a list of available software. 2) Select the program you would like to install, and click the Install button at the top right of the window.

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