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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SMTP relay and why should I use it?

As explained earlier, SMTP relays transfer emails from one mail server to another, but this is a technically complicated process. An SMTP relay service is a managed service that helps organizations send their outgoing bulk and transactional emails by routing emails through a trusted third party.

What is a SMTP relay and how does it work?

The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) relay is a type of email delivery service that relays messages from a sender's server to a receiver's server. It works in a way similar to a post office service. Think of SMTP servers as post offices. You have your own server or post office to deposit your email campaigns.

Why to use a SMTP Relay Service?

The Importance Of SMTP Relay Services In Today's Changing Business World The peer-to-peer email service provider cannot cater to bulk emailing jobs. ... Generally, standard email service providers restrict the number of email recipients. ... Using an SMTP relay service is beneficial as it prevents the email from reaching the recipients' spam or junk folders. More items...

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