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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of gun is the Smith and Wesson SD9 VE?

The Smith & Wesson SD9 VE 9mm Full-Sized 16-Round Pistol weighs a lightweight 22.7 oz. and features a polymer frame with a stainless-steel slide and barrel. The semiautomatic double-action pistol has a Picatinny rail and comes with two 16-round magazines. White-dot dovetail front and rear sights.

Should you buy a Smith&Wesson SD9 VE?

But the SD9 VE brought me down a notch. Here’s a dead nuts reliable gun that’s a pleasure to shoot for a touch over three bones. It has one glaring flaw in the trigger — but that’s easily remedied for $20. At that price, you really can’t afford not to buy one. Or four. I’m impressed and I hope the SD9 VE is a big seller for Smith & Wesson.

Why buy a S&W SD9 VE?

Why buy used when you can get a new SD9 VE with 2 magazines for $329.00, often on sale for $299. S&W is continually improving this pistol, make sure you get the latest and greatest, for the same money. They also offer a .40 caliber version.

How many original Mags will be in the SD9 VE?

Last, but certainly not least, will be four (4) original mags: two 16-rounders that came with the SD9 VE, while the other two are 17-rounders that came from an SW9 – Smither & Wesson’s predecessor to the SD9.

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